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Edified Access Radio is here to provide a positive listening experience for those interested in computers and assistive technology.
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Click the link below for Edified Access Radio, or enter it in your favorite media player.
Special events happen from time to time. This stream is not always on."8000/events.m3u
If you're curious about what streams are going on, and how many listeners there are, use the following link.
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Participate during live events

Other participation options put too much noise in the podcasts. Because of this, the community of users has decided to use only one form of communication at a time. Mostly Teamtalk.
A majority of users may wish to change this rule some time in the future at a monthly Monday Meeting in the distant future.
To participate with audio, join the Edified Access teamtalk server.
More info about the Edified Access Teamtalk server
Follow Edified Access on Twitter.
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You can join us on INternet Relay Chat. Download your favorite IRC client and join.
Port 6667
/join #edify

Get edified with podcasts

Some podcasts are done by people associated with Edified Access. Others will be included in the pre-recorded content when there is no live content.
To subscribe to a podcast, first, click the link for the podcast of choice. Then click the link that says "Copy this link and paste it into your agrigator".
This will open an associated podcast subscription app. For example, Podcasts on the iPhone or ITunes on a Mac or PC.

Edified Access podcasts

The following are podcasts recorded by Edified Access.
These are live on Edified Access Radio. They're also played when there is no live content.

  1. The Edified podcast is about any news or public business meetings dealing with Edified Access, the radio stream or podcasts. Updates come when ever things happen.
    Don't forget the Monthly Monday meeting, the first Monday of each month, at 5 pm mountain time, 1 hour before the business podcast.
    Edified podcast
  2. The Edified Installation podcast happenswhen Ben has both time and content. Come learn about installing various operating systems.
    Edified Installation
  3. The Edified Random podcast is here for any random technology stuff that happens between podcasts or doesn't fit anywhere else.
    Edified Random podcast
  4. The Free Tech podcast is a cool idea, but those who gave the idea haven't come forth with any content yet. It'shere to encourage all kinds of freedom. Open source software, removing technology burriors, gaining access to web sites etc.
    Free Tech
  5. The Edified Travel podcast is on at 6 pm mountain, 00:00 UTC.
    The Edified travel podcast

The podcast schedule


  1. The Edified Business podcast is live at 6 p.m Mountain time, 01:00 Tuesdays. Learn about business technology, accessability, starting businesses etc.
    Edified Business
  2. The Windows podcast is live at 7 pm mountain, 2 hours UTC.
    Edified Windows


  1. The Edified Games podcast happens at 6 pm Mountain, 01:00 Wednesday. It's found here.
    Edified Games
  2. The Edified Android podcast is on Tuesdays at 8 pm mountain time, 03:00 UTC Wednesday. Come learn about all things Android. Hardware, software etc.
    Edified Android


  1. The Developer podcast is live at 6 pm Mountain time, 01:00 UTC Thursday.
    Edified Developer
  2. The Ordered Learning podcast is at 7 pm mountain time, 02:00 UTC.
    Ordered Learning
  3. The Edified Linux podcast happens at 8 pm Mountain, 03:00 UTC.
    Edified Linux


  1. The Edified Audio podcast happens at 6 pm Mountain time, 00:00 UTC. Come learn about audio technology, editing, recording etc.
    Edified Audio
  2. The Edified Apple podcast happens at 8 p.m mountain, Fridays at 02:00 UTC. Any Apple events will also be posted here. Come learn about all things Apple, mac, and IOS, with accessibility in mind.
    Edified Apple


  1. The Edified Travel podcast is on at 6 pm mountain, 00:00 UTC.
    The Edified travel podcast
  2. The Edified Amateur Radio podcast is at 8 pm Mountain. 03:00 UTC.
    Edified Amateur Radio


  1. Edified Food podcast at 5 pm mountain, 23:00 UTC.
    Edified Food
  2. The Quick Learning Techies show is at 6 pm Mountain, Sundays at 00:00 UTC. We learn about a wide variety of technology. Hardware and software.
    We have now opened up all the participation options. You may call, sip or Skype during the Quick Learning Techies show and anything that happens after on Saturday night.
    *Users who have were banned from Teamtalk will not be allowed to participate.
    To participate, via phone call
    Quick Learning Techies Show


  1. The Religion podcast ran out of content. When new software is discovered, or updates happen and demos are done, they'll be here.
    At 6 pm, enjoy the Edified Religion podcast. Learn about a variety of religions, the technology used within, and accessibility.
    Edified Religion

Podcasts from other sources

The following are podcasts from outside providers that are played on the stream when there is no live content.

  1. Cool Blind Tech
  2. Linux In The Ham Shack

Feedback is welcome. If you like what you hear, let us know. If you'd like to see changes or have ideas for improvement, let us know.
Send email to
You can also use Teamtalk and join the monthly Monday Meeting at 5 pm mountain. The meeting is also streamed live and archived in the Edified podcast.

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