Join the Edified Access Teamtalk server

Teamtalk is available from
The Edified Access Teamtalk server is account-based to keep trouble to a minimum.
To join you can do the following.
Send the user name and password you'd like in your Teamtalk account to
When your email with the proper information is received, your account will be created. You'll also get a .tt configuration file.
While waiting for your file to arrive, you can download Teamtalk from
Teamtalk is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

User guidelines

The following are guidelines for users. Please keep them in mind when on the Edified Access Teamtalk server.

  1. With freedom comes responsibility. This means that we don't need to waist time making far too many rules and regulations. People are expected to use good judgment, be polite, professional and respectful. Users are also encouraged to help inforce the rules.
  2. Please use appropriate language. This means no profanity. Please avoid taking the name of God in vain.
  3. Please do your best to send well balanced audio. This includes subscribing to your own audio and fixing any issues before you come to any other channels. Do your best to avoid looping audio back into channels you enter.
  4. Unless you're demonstrating something, please ensure you can only be heard when speaking, either by using a hot key, a sufficient voice activation threshold, or muting your microphone when you aren't speaking. Avoid transmission of silence. This is great for mobile users on data plans.
  5. Please do not use the server to perform any illegal activity. Comply with copyrights. (Rule updated by Blake.)
  6. Do not stream music, movies, television shows, sounds, or other content unless you're demonstrating something for a podcast, such as a program. (Rule added by Blake.)
  7. When obtaining any personal information, only collect that which you need to provide positive tech support experiences or other helpful services that will benefit the user. You're not here to conduct identity theft or any illegal or disrespectful practice. Any secure data should only be sent in password protected channels.
  8. There will be no discrimination tolerated. Examples include discrimination based on age, race, ethnicity, gender, religion or disability.
  9. There are people who prefer to know when they are being recorded. Please limit transmission of or recording of media for distribution outside the Edified Access community to the Edified Access Radio, Media, and Tech Support channels and any sub-channels within. In any other channels, ask if you can record others. If they say no, abide by their wishes.
  10. Due to the loud and unprofessional audio from other sources disrupting podcasts and other business, Only admin aproved relays, guests coming on podcasts for interviews and those presenting material who can not use Teamtalk may be added in from outside communication sources. Please do your best to avoid leaving audio relays unattended.
  11. Do not give your account info to anyone else. If anyone else connects using your account info, the account will be deleted without notice.
  12. Each user only requires a single account. If a user has more than one account, the user will be spoken to by an administrator to determine which account they want to keep. The extra account will then be deleted.
  13. Limited account sharing is permitted. For example, Matthew and Emily are married. Sometimes they connect on each other's computers once in a while.
  14. If two users share an account, the account owner is responsible for any rules that are broken under that account. For example, if Emily was connected using Matthew's account and she broke a rule, Matthew would be held accountable for the broken rule.

Administrator guidelines

The following are administrator guidelines.

  1. We don't like clutter when searching the account list for management of user accounts. Therefore, all users that have not joined the server in 6 months will be deleted from the server. People who have not been banned are welcome to apply again and join the server.
  2. If business is being conducted, or presentations or podcasts are being streamed and recorded, those participating should know the rules ahead of time. Disruptions will be moved to the administrators meeting or away channels without notice and dealt with when recording and streaming are completed.
  3. If other administrators are connected that aren't fully participating in business, podcasts or presentations, they should move offenders and help them solve problems or banned them as needed, thus permitting business, podcasts and presentations to continue with little interruption.
  4. If a user breaks a rule, an administrator gives 1 warning, and the person provides acknowledgement that they heard and understood it, 1 warning is all that's needed. If the communication is not understood or acknowledged, 2 additional warnings will be given. If the person fails to comply, they will be moved to the administrators meeting channel and will be spoken to by an administrator about their offending action.
  5. If the offensive action cannot be corrected, or the person chooses to continue their undesired actions, they will be banned permanently.
  6. Any Teamtalk administrator may make these decisions. No need to wait for an administrators meeting to solve a problem and clean up the server. If there's a problem with a user, deal with it as stated above.
  7. Administrators should be involved, participate in server activity and administrator functions. If an administrator does not perform at least 1 useful administrator function in 3 months time, their administrator privileges will be removed with or without notice. If the admin just doesn't show up, or can not be contacted, the account will be removed without notice. If for some reason, the server is extremely inactive, this rule may be changed, so a good number of administrators can still administrate as needed.
  8. Administrators who do not wish to accept the responsibility are welcome to remove their own privileges or ask that it be done for them.