Edified Access


There something missing in the disability and blindness community. Patient people willing to help others with their technology. Such people should also have a good working knowledge of more than just assistive technology. They should know about mainstream tech as well. There's nothing worse than someone that knows about a braille note-taker, but can't get it connected to a home network or wifi hot-spot.

In March, 2010, a few smart intelligent blind people from Utah decided to give the world something better. To fulfill a need the world had. A need for fast service, honesty, knowledge of more than just assistive technology.
Research was done. Thousands of names looked up and found to be already used by other domains or entities.
Finally, after no unused domain with a name having to do with technology or access could be found, it was time to use some faith in God. After a prayer was said, it took no more than 10 minutes to think of the word Edify. To teach, to improve. Since we were thinking of access during the whole process,the name seemed to fit. Edified Access. A prayer was answered. Now we have documented scientific fact. God exists and answers prayers.
Some final domain searches were done using Terminal on the Mac. Typing "Whois edifiedaccess.info". We also tried .com, .net, .org, .biz etc. Nothing taken by any DNS services or companies. We had success.

EdifiedAccess began with the premis that no other technical support company provides what we do in the manor we provide it. To date, this still seems to be the case.
After several years of business, like many that have come before, it was determined that there isn't much money to be made when those you serve either want everything for free, or don't have the money to pay for positive tech support experiences.

While the business was still running, Edified Access Radio also started. The idea was to give a different perspective on technology. That of disabled users. Unlike other podcasters that can often control content to make their products or services look good, Edified Access podcasts are different. The truth comes out in demos of products or services. This, we believe, is one of the things that makes EdifiedAccess unique.

At Edified Access, a great effort is made to reach out to the community. This is done in many ways.

Everyone is welcome to join the Edified Access Teamtalk server. This server is account-based. This means that you can enjoy a safe place, free from trouble, profanity or other such things.
To join, email the user name and password you'd like to use to this address. Your account will be created. Then the configuration file will be sent to you.
After you download and install Teamtalk, you can then click on your configuration file and join the server.
More info about the Edified Access Teamtalk server is available at the TeamTalk page.